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In 1964 Oklahoma Grocers Association (OGA) established the Oklahoma Food Industry Coupon Redemption Service (OFICRS). Today it’s one of the largest coupon clearinghouses in the nation.

It’s So Easy – No Need To Sort! Just Bundle and Ship!

One Mailing – One Check!


Recent Counterfeit Coupon Alerts

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Digital Couponing Is Here! Are You Ready?

  • Consumers pick their coupons from your website, phone number, or through the electronic method you choose.
  • Consumer provides the information so the cashier can access the coupons selected. Coupons are applied automatically.
  • A redemption data file is sent to OFICRS for payment.

Reasons To Use Digital Coupons

  • Ease of Use
  • Convenient
  • Efficient

The Oklahoma Food Industry Coupon Redemption Service, better known today as OFICRS, eliminates the time consuming and costly chore of sorting, counting and mailing coupons to scores of manufacturers by a retailer. Often it eliminates volumes of accounting records that the retailer must keep. A retailer will find the time can be more effectively spent managing the total business.

All the retailer must do is simply package and mail their coupons to the OFICRS office and receive a check for the face value of the coupons plus a portion of the handling fee paid by the manufacturers. One mailing – – – one check!!

Coupon ServicesThe Oklahoma Grocers Association began providing outstanding full coupon redemption service in 1964 through OFICRS. Today it is one of the largest and finest coupon clearinghouses in the nation. A well-respected Service by manufacturers and vendors nationwide.

Many consumers today are looking for a way to save money. Using coupons is one method more and more are finding very useful. Statistics reflect, of the heavy usage coupon shopper, over half will purchase items with better than average gross profit. This is very positive for the retail store. The same statistics also find, that same consumer purchasing a greater percentage of items that are not just your advertised “loss leader” type merchandise.

Simply put, the Oklahoma Food Industry Coupon Redemption Service is a financial service offered by your state grocers’ trade association. What that means is you are redeeming your own coupons along with your other fellow retailers. This benefits all parties involved plus the overall association’s ability to represent you in the legislative process.

An experienced, well trained OFICRS staff member is available to assist you in reconciling differences with manufacturers and /or their agents. No additional fees are charged for the service.

For questions, contact the OGA/OFICRS office in Oklahoma City at 405-525-9419 or our Toll-Free Number 800-580-9400, or email us at info@okgrocers.com.
Counterfeit coupon information is available at the Coupon Information Center(CIC) website.

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