Although food is fuel for the body, the power of family meals is truly successful when you do more than just gathering around the table for dinner. The number of ways to make meals more fun is countless- from games, contests, to simply talking more! Check back for additional activities for all ages throughout the month.

Conversation Starters

Use these handy tools to help start the dialogue! Studies show that when we slow down and talk more, good things happen.

  • This handy resource from Partnership to End Addiction’s Family Day provides conversation starters and activities which are appropriate for elementary and middle schoolers to encourage more than one-word answers.
  • “Rose and Thorn” is a great way to hear more about somebody’s day! Ask what their “rose” is (best thing that happened) and about their “thorn” (most difficult thing). It also prevents a simple one-word answer.
  • If you’re running out of questions, Aha! Parenting has put together a list of 230 Conversation Starters.
  • Jokes are always a great way to start a conversation! Here’s a list of family-friendly puns and jokes to use at your table.

Easy Mealtime Games

Games are a great way to have fun while continuing the conversation. Some of our favorites involve classics with a twist!

  • I-Spy
  • Telephone
  • Would You Rather?
  • 21 Questions
  • “Guess the Ingredients”
    • Have everybody taste their food, and guess what is in it… From the main ingredients to the herbs and spices!

Coloring and Activity Sheets

Coloring Sheets

Get creative on paper AND in the kitchen, with these nifty coloring sheets we have created! When you’re done with your masterpiece, feel free to tag us on social media, or use #OkFamilyMeals!

Word Search

This word search OGA created is fun for all ages! Just click on the one below to print a copy, or you can click here do it online (it randomizes when you refresh it)!

Cutout Ants

No picnic is complete without ants! Bring the outdoors into your living room with this printable collection of ants.