One of the most dreaded questions you can ask at 5 pm is “what’s for dinner?”

Fear not! OGA has created some resources that can plan out mealtime and make it less stressful for everyone!

Quick Tips

Our goal is to make meals easier for every household, especially when it doesn’t seem possible. To help make that a reality, here are some of our favorite tips to make mealtime a breeze.

  • Everybody loves a theme! Themes are as easy as having a picnic in your living room, “make your own pizza” party or doing “fair food” night. The possibilities are endless and can help create moments where best memories are made.
  • Make time to schedule ahead of time! With school back in session, along with the additions of football, ballet, zoom meetings, and many other extracurriculars, things can get chaotic. Take time to plan for your week, that way you can create some quick on the go options if you don’t have time to gather around the table.
  • Make it FUN. Try having your kids plan a meal or two a week they can help cook- this is possible for all age levels and serves as a learning activity in math, science, life skills, reading, and more!
  • Turn it into a game! Allow your children to play “restaurant” and serve the table, or take the time to turn a brown bag into a “Mommy Meal” sack with fun items like mazes or word searches. If your child has an interest in the kitchen, have an “Iron Chef” contest one evening.
  • In need of inspiration? Check out our Pinterest for fresh ideas!

Meal Planning Resources

Instead of trying to decide what to have for dinner the day of, try to plan a full week of meals in advance! Just print out the free sheet OGA has created below, and write in whatever you’re craving.

Free printable weekly meal planner courtesy of OGA


Shopping List Resources

During the pandemic, shoppers have talked more about how trips to the grocery store can be overwhelming. To make trips easier, we have put together a free shopping list to use, broken out by category!

Free printable shopping list courtesy of OGA


Recipe Cards

Forget a step or ingredient in the recipe? OGA has created a card to make cooking less stressful! Download our free, full-page recipe card- it’s even easy to read as you gather to cook as a team.

Free printable recipe card courtesy of OGA